Find a competitive investment property loan that matches your investment goals

To be a successful investor and build wealth through a property portfolio, it’s important that your investment loans are structured properly.

I’m experienced with complex lending structures, and will take the time to understand your investment goals.

I look at the whole picture which involves structuring loans correctly (consulting with Accountants), making sure your assets are protected (i.e. working with your lawyer) and assist clients to ensure they become debt free as fast as possible.

My comprehensive skills as an accountant, coupled with in-depth knowledge of residential and commercial funding, provide me with an incisive understanding of structuring funding packages to specifically match client requirements.

As a Chartered Accountant with experience at KPMG, my extensive background knowledge of tax and legal issues have resulted in me being the preferred Financial Advisor for several Law, Accounting and Real Estate agencies throughout NZ.
I’ll recommend competitive investment loan options and work with you to achieve your financial goals.