Recent Case Studies

Some interesting recent cases I have dealt with

I get all sort of people coming to me, some with very interesting stories. Here are three: 

  1. Are you thinking you could get better rates? A top client asked his bank to offer him better rates and calculate a break fee. He was offered an extra $1,000 to stay with his current bank but we saved him over $2,000 by switching for a better deal.
  2. Young couple were trying to buy first home and he was on temporary employment contract so kept getting knocked back. Through a creative solution we got them approved with same rates as 20% deposit client
  3. Solo Mum wanted funds for renovation. Had trouble with ex which meant initial drawdown for current renovation loan had to be used for family expenses. Her own bank would not reimburse the costs. We moved her to new bank and she now has enough to solve short term family emergency and complete the renovation