Latest market update from Stephen Roberston

Interest Rates 

  • Don't think rates will fall further? they can, and they will. 
  • ANZ predicts another 3 rate cuts by May next year.
  • Coolest Rates: 3.54% for 1 year, 3.45% for 2 years, cash backs available for new lending.

Short Case Study  

Melissa approached her bank for debt consolidation and tax payments plus a renovation budget to prepare the house for sale to upgrade.

Melissa is a contractor in project management with short term rollovers of contracts.

Melissa also owns an investment property. 

They required an offset mortgage to cater for tax bills in the future and some breathing space for the Christmas period. 

After some hard work,  Stephen found a lender that would consider this scenario. 

Stephen immediately requested Melissa to get her 2019 financial accounts completed, and encouraged clients to meet with the builder for renovation quotes. 

A new solicitor was introduced to help with the refinance at a special deal negotiated for Stephen’s Clients


The client had already approached their own bank, with a sub-standard response. 


There are large differences between lending policies at different lenders.

Stephen has all lenders, can present deals correctly and negotiate interest rates, all usually for free.

Lending Index:  7.0/10 (Tough but Easing)  

A rating of "0" means anyone can get finance, even your house cat. 

A rating of "6" is balanced, and a rating of "10" means no one can get finance, not even your brain surgeon.

Previously: 7.5/10 (tough)

Test rates from lenders have dropped into the 6%'s meaning approx $40k of additional lending is available from most lenders on average than 6 months ago. 

All Lenders, One Place. 

Stephen Robertson Senior Mortgage Adviser | Manager Auckland Lending