True Mortgage Story Of The Week

How would you like to pay half the interest rate your bank quoted just due to property zone?

Short Case Study

Michael and Sue approached their bank to upgrade their home in a rural area which had a house, flat and small cafe.

Both Michael and Sue are self-employed and don’t need income from café to service the loan.

Their NZ bank approved the loan and they went unconditional.

Then to their surprise the bank said they would treat the whole loan as commercial and charge 7.3%

Their bank adviser was apologetic and encouraged them to shop around.

We met them understood the issues and have experience in these scenarios based on our commercial banking experience and contacts. 

After some hard work, Stephen found a lender that would consider this scenario and we halved the interest rate! This saved them many thousands of dollars a year.


Client had already approached their own bank, with sub-standard response. New lender gave better rate, better service and will help with banking for the business as well.

New bank have a handover team that will take the hassle out of migrating all the APS and ensure they are welcomed properly and looked after.


There are large differences between lending policy at different lenders.

Stephen has all lenders, can present deals correctly and negotiate interest rates, all usually for free.

All Lenders, One Place. 

Stephen Robertson

Senior Mortgage Adviser | Manager Auckland Lending

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